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Thursday, February 14, 2013

a little talk

dear diary-san,

Today is supposed to be Valentine's day. I don't know some of the boys are asking me if I made chocolate for them. Not to mention, I did receive some chocolates in my locker. They're obligatory chocolates. I believe. Oh, and Tohru also gave me chocolates in school. I hope no one gives me chocolate on White day.

Valentine's day wasn't particularly special for me this year and it's fine. A lot of people hype about it. I don't have a girlfriend right now. And it's fine. I guess I'm looking for someone special? Or maybe there's something in my head that's more important than thinking about having a relationship in high school.

I've been thinking about what Otou-sama has told me ever since last year. That long time, huh? Yeah, I've been thinking. He said that I should be a businessman. Would it be a bad idea if I wanted to be a doctor instead? Like Hatori-niisan. But maybe more involved in a hospital rather than working in a small office. Hmm... if I think about it, I'm not a real fan of blood.

Haru-kun has been doing a lot of house chores lately. Is it his new year's resolution?

"Hey, we're out of dishwashing liquid. I'm going to the convenience store, do you want anything?" Haru-kun asks.

"Hmm... to the convenience store you say? I want your cellphone with you." I smiled.

"Unbelievable." Haru-kun shakes his head. "I'm not that stupid. So I guess you don't need anything?"

I shake my head too.

excited at 6:27 PM

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

the road ahead

dear diary,

I was asked by Otou-sama what I'll be doing after I graduate high school. I realized that I haven't been thinking about my future yet or about what I want to become when I grow up. I don't know why I feel confused. I couldn't answer Otou-sama at all. When I think about it, Otou-sama asked me a very simple question. But when I think about it again, it could take a lifetime for me to answer his simple question.

Maybe I should ask him about the things that I'm good. Or about people's work. Otou-sama knows this best since he's very hardworking and has lots of experience in business. I wonder if I should get into business like Otou-sama. Do I have what it takes?

I shouldn't be worried about my future. I mean, Haru can't even find the way back home sometimes. I'm not kidding. Only this past Saturday, he was on his way from a bike ride in the morning, Haru called me from the cellphone and asked me where the house is. Some roommate.

There's no harm in asking questions. Even if it's about what I want to do in the future, asking questions is a start. After all, other people might know me better than I would know myself.

Is it normal not being sure about what I want to be in the future?

excited at 9:51 PM

Friday, July 01, 2011

onwards to camp!

It's summer! The four of us, Rin-chan, Haru and Kagura-san went to go camping. We were tasked to set up camp. Tohru-chan, Kyo and Yuki-san would follow. I was very very eager when I heard of the news.

Update! Haru forgot to bring the mosquito repellent and now we can't go outside very much from our tents. We called the Yuki to bring mosquito repellent.

Update2! Rin and Haru tried to gather some firewood. They said they didn't care about the mosquitoes. Even though they were as big as cows. Sorry, Haru.

Update3! We're missing tissue papers!

Update4! Tohru, Yuki and Kyo have arrived. But the mosquito repellent that they've brought is half-empty. T_T

It's getting dark and the first evening of camp is about to begin. All tents are pitched in -- except for Yuki's. It's somewhat ready because until now he's setting it up.

Update5! Any camping experience would be incomplete when there's no roasting of marshmallows. Unfortunately, I ate the marshmallows and there's only a few left. I wasn't allowed to eat any further. *sobs*

Update6! Kyo asked me why I was writing all the time.

Update7! We told each other ghost stories. I think Rin's ghost story was the scariest-- Er... I don't want to remember. FORGET! FORGET!

"Kagura-neesan, please come closer... I'm scared."

"Momiji, what are you doing in my tent?"

Update8! I'm going to sleep now. The guys said I need to help them fish tomorrow morning. Oyasumi!

excited at 11:18 PM

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

one day in the life of me

dear diary,

I don't want to write a book review about One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. Can't our teacher choose another eastern novel? I mean since it's an eastern novel, can't he just pick one from within the country? This book is depressing. I don't want to write something that's depressing.

It's about this guy named Ivan Denisovich Shukhov and he's imprisoned in the Soviet gulag. They said he's a spy for the Germans during the World War II so they put him in prison. I'm not sure of the ending but I think he's there for at least ten years stuck in the cold cold cold gulag. I hate it because he's innocent! I really don't mix well with heavy writing.

The cutest thing happened today. While I was visiting Tohru at work, I brought two big lollipops with me. I gave one to Tohru and before I could enjoy my own giant pop, Tohru looked at me.

"Eh? Nani, Tohru-san?"

"Do you want this lollipop, Momo-chan?" Tohru asked. Momo was standing behind me?

"Here, Momo-chan. I have lots back at home." I gave mine instead. And she looked really cute holding up that giant lollipop. I had my phone cam with me, luck!

Can you feel that, diary? It's almost spring! Well I can feel it. Since it's my year, I can't wait to spring into action! I have one goal this year: be awesome! Come, spring! What are you waiting for?

excited at 11:34 PM

Thursday, January 06, 2011

the rubber band thingy

I was trying to open up a bottle of my favorite green tea, but the cap is stuck. My hands are starting to hurt. "Nghi.... I can't open it."

"Try this." then Haru gave me a rubber band.

"A rubber band? What will this do?"

"Wrap it around the cap." Okay, I wrapped it. "Now twist and enjoy." Wow, it worked.


At first, I didn't know what he wanted me to do with it. But yeah, it makes sense. I wonder where Haru got that technique from.

excited at 6:58 PM

Momiji Sohma is 15 and is a painfully adorable and seemingly androgynous teenager with a depressing family life that he hides behind his smile and fun-loving attitude. His endless enthusiasm and cuteness often annoys Kyo; not to mention that he's older than he looks, much to Tohru's surprise.

Momiji is the Rabbit of the Zodiac and is the son of one of the richer people of the Sohma family and Tohru unknowingly cleans the building for her job.

He has a younger sister named Momo who can only speak German. He is actually very insightful and emotionally strong despite his upbringing and his appearance. He took to Tohru very quickly, he even ignored the fact that he was a Zodiac and hugged her when they were formally introduced. Much to Kyo's horror, Momiji likes to wear the girl's version of their high school uniform albeit with short shorts and not a skirt.

Momiji likes Tohru when he first meets her. He is the younger cousin of Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure.

Although, Momiji acts kind, he has a terrible secret regarding his mother. He vows that he'll always keep all of his memories no matter how bad or good they are, because he knows that someday, he'll be able to overcome the pain and be able to cherish them -- like treasure.

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